Separating the book from the author (or when your favorite author lets you down)

Separating the book from the author (or when your favorite author lets you down)

Trigger warning: the following post discusses child molestation.

You want know one of the many books out there that I haven’t read? Ender’s Game, by Orson Scott Card. When I first heard the movie was in the works, I thought about reading it. But then I learned that Card is a raging homophobe who donates money to anti-LGBTQIA organizations. And then I started wondering if I could support – either…

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'Guardians of the Galaxy' gets the ladies-only T-shirt it deserves [Daily Dot]

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy was a huge hit this summer, and merchandise inspired by the blockbuster could be found almost anywhere. Unfortunately, fans got an unwelcome surprise when they discovered a lack of Gamora merchandise and that on some of the T-shirts featuring the quirky team, the only female member was conspicuously absent.

New Superhero T-Shirts Latest in a Long Line of Sexist Licensed Products from DC AND Marvel [Nerdist]

By doing this, you are instilling the idea in young boys’ minds that female heroes are not to be admired or looked up to, much less have their images displayed on their clothing. And this isn’t a DC issue alone; Marvel got tons of heat for not featuring the character of Gamora on many licensed Guardians of the Galaxy items, and last year had a t-shirt for girls that said “I Need A Hero,” while shirts for boys (albeit young boys) had phrases like “Be A Hero.” Neither DC nor Marvel create the sexism in our culture, it’s already there, and in fact, in the comics themselves female characters are often portrayed as just as (or more) powerful and capable as the men. But these companies need to be sure that is the image they project when being licensed out, otherwise they’re simply not doing their job, and all those strong female characters in the comics and even in the movies will be for nothing.

Graphic Novels, Graphic Schmovels: It’s All Just Comics [PANELS]

Somewhere along the way, we decided to accept that “comics” are silly ephemeral reading material for children, and “graphic novels” are the serious things that get reviewed in the New York Times. We need to reject this distinction for three reasons.

Question of the week - read-alongs/book clubs

Question of the week – read-alongs/book clubs

Happy Monday, folks! I hope your day isn’t proving to be too horrible.

Today’s question is sort of looking for feedback on possible future projects for this blog. I hope you can help me figure out the best way to go about this; I’d like to create content people wan to read and interact with.

I’ve seen other blogs host read-alongs, book clubs, and the like. Different blogs set it up in different…

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Marvel Revives Squirrel Girl, Behold Her Adorable Ass-Kicking Boots [io9]

Marvel has just announced (via Entertainment Weekly) that Squirrel Girl will have her own solo comic series titled Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. Set to begin this January, the new comic will be penned by writer Ryan North and artist Erica Henderson.

Angry About The White Lesbians Suing For Having A Black Child? You’re Missing Something [Black Girl Dangerous]

The question shouldn’t be: how can we decrease the amount of people with disabilities in society or how can I receive money to pay for my child’s accommodations via a lawsuit?  Rather, how do we build an inclusive society that centers self-determination and opportunity through valuing, prioritizing and affirming all ways of existing and experiencing?

Linked! (catch-up edition)

If you follow me on social media – namely twitter or tumblr -you’ve probably noticed the links to various blogs, news sites, etc that I often post. While I’m not going to post allof those links here, I thought I’d share some of the links that have caught my eye recently. The links I’m sharing below have been included because I felt they at least tangentially related to the sort of things I post…

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Lovecraft’s racism & The World Fantasy Award statuette, with comments from China Miéville. [Nnedi Okorafor}

I knew of Lovecraft’s racial issues, anti-Semitism, etc., but I never knew it was this serious. How strong the sentiment must have been within his soul for him to sit down and write that poem. This wasn’t racism metaphorically or abstractly rearing its ugly head within a piece of fiction, this was specific and focused. Who does that? Even in the early 1900s? That excuse of “that was just how most whites were back then” has never flown with me. The fact that a lot of people back then were racists does not change the fact that Lovecraft was a racist.

Daria Morgendorffer’s Reading List [Aerogramme Writers' Studio]

While Daria’s favourite TV show, Sick Sad World, featured heavily throughout the series, the show was also filled with literary references. Here are 57 books that Daria read or that were mentioned during the episodes, with links to free eBook editions where available in parentheses. As DariaWiki puts it, “If it’s old, morbid, or esoteric, Daria will read the hell out of it.”