What Makes a Good Mother, According to the Government? [Bitch Media]

The rally was called for by the Welfare Warriors, a grassroots organization of women and children battling poverty. The call was taken up by other groups and advocates working to end poverty. Together, they’ve been pushing for caregiving to be recognized—and financially supported—as work, namely in the form of the a proposed bill called the RISE Out of Poverty Act.

I Vowed To Kill Myself By Age 30 -- My Birthday Is Next Month [xoJane]

At 20, I decided that if the world wasn’t going to do me the favor of killing me off young, I’d do it myself. But now what?

So in casting their Peter Pan live, NBC has chosen to keep with tradition and cast a woman in the title role. What I want to know is, are we really that surprised that they’re casting Peter Pan the same way it’s always been cast?

A Resignation Letter from a First-Year Public School Teacher In a "Bad Neighborhood" [xoJane]

I was a teacher at a school in which students were allowed to walk home around a dead body of a parent. I was a teacher who was encouraged to ignore violence, disability, mental illness, neglect. I was a teacher by name only. I was not a teacher.

Rainbow Brite Is Coming Back To Television [io9]

Rainbow Brite returns from the ’80s to remind you all that colors are magic and to revive those slutty Rainbow Brite halloween costumes. We don’t know what it will look like or what it will sound like; all we know is that Brite is BACK.

Everything I Know About Dating I Learned From Getting Rejected On "The Bachelor" [xoJane]

Being eliminated from “The Bachelor” is life-changing in a “What the hell was I thinking?” kind of way. No matter what I accomplish in life, it will always follow me around (every guy who Googles me before a date is bound to discover my awful contestant photo that lives on in infamy). I pretty much just have to own it, the same way Channing Tatum owns his stripperdom. So, yes, I was rejected on national television and these are the 6 single girl lessons I’ve gleaned from the experience so you don’t have to

How I Learned To Be Taken Seriously -- And Stylishly -- As A Young Woman In Academia [xoJane]

I’m grateful I get to do something I love, and I’m grateful for having more control over my own schedule than most nine-to-five types do, but let’s not kid ourselves: scholarship, teaching, and writing are very real jobs. If we expect students and colleagues to respect us, why don’t we act — and dress — like we respect ourselves?

The Perils of Re-Reading [Insatiable Booksluts]

Now sometimes this is a great experience. Sometimes the experience of re-reading a book from my adolescence has shown me how much I’ve learned and grown as a person. It’s revealed things in the text that I missed the first time around. … BUT. Sometimes not.

Tatiana Maslany = <3

Fasten Your Color Belt: A Rainbow Brite Cartoon Reboot Is Currently In Production [The Mary Sue]

The ’80s reboot train has not stopped chugging for a while and after seeing the resurgence of things like My Little Pony and Strawberry Shortcake, I was surprised Rainbow Brite didn’t follow—it being the brainchild of Hallmark, after all, and the merchandise possibilities being endless. Apparently they were just biding their time like Murky and Lurky.